For Non-Profits

DFS Fireworks has outstanding opportunities for schools, churches/ faith base organizations, community groups and non-profits for fundraising ideas? DFS Fireworks the “West Coast Fireworks Leader” stands and tents as their primary fundraising solution. The DFS fundraising system can give your organization the opportunity to earn profits during the summer season by selling 50 to 70 percent off the competitors. DFS Fireworks will never put a location right next to you for the purpose of keeping your profits high. We have team members throughout California that can provide training, support, resources and product. Don’t miss this years fireworks season. Give us a call to discuss with you about how you can enjoy a great partnership with DFS Fireworks. or call us at 559-556-0337 

For Property Owners

DFS over many years have built a great reputation with propoerty owners throughout the west coast. Retailers have seen the benefits of partnering with DFS creating walk-in business, because of our volume of high-impact advertising on various media outlets.

So do you have property in a good location? If your lot has good visibility, high traffic count and adequate parking entrances, DFS Fireworks could have the perfect seasonal income opportunity for you. From a vacant business-zoned lot to a busy parking lot, your property could become the site of a profitable DFS Fireworks stand or tent for July 4th sales. As a leader in the industry DFS provides competitive leases and top rated insurance. Whether another group operates on the property, or if you would like to operate the business yourself, our knowledgeable team is ready to help you understand your options. or call us at 559-556-0DFS (337)

4th of July Fireworks Booth

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