build your own show

Be Safe! First and foremost, keep your audience safe by seating them a good distance from the firing area. And of course, be sure to have the following on hand when lighting your show:

  • Bucket of Water or Fire Extinguisher
  • Safety Glasses
  • Flash Lights

Read our section on Safety here.

Know Your Fireworks, each item is unique in how it performs and for the best show, you’ll want to incorporate as many different effects as possible—mines, brocades, palms, color bursts, willows, etc. Our Fireworks Supermarket employees are well-trained pyrotechnicians and will be happy to tell you the difference between effects.

Plan Your Show, this is a simple step. Start small and get big! You always want to start your show off with smaller items and work up to your Grand Finale. We suggest starting with fountains. They last several minutes and can help prolong your show. Suggested Fountains: Solar Storm, Mystic Rain, Electric Rainbow, Havana Heat, Lava Lamp and Thunder Snow. For the Grand Finale, go as big as your budget allows. This is the moment your audience will remember the most! Finale Suggestions: Chain Reaction, Toxic Rain, Bad Attitude, Space Banger or Mind Games.

Set Up Your Show. It is always important to set your product on a hard, level surface. To shoot your show without delays you can align your product in rows. Keep a safe distance between rows so you can light each product safely.


Prepare For Ignition. Remove the tape covering the fuse and point all fuses in the same direction. This will allow you to walk in a straight line when lighting the product. Be sure to follow the instructions listed on each and every item. Some might suggest which side of the product should face the crowd for the best visual display.

Use a Reliable Lighting Source. Although punks work well they could slow down your show. We suggest you buy a grill lighter. This should allow you to light your fireworks safely and with minimal effort.

Have a Fun and Safe Fourth of July!



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